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Technical Services


Athena provides portable equipments, amplified and non-amplified, as well as a software for audio and video recording that guarantees an excellent quality. Highly skilled audio-video technicians carry out a continuous monitoring of the recording during arbitral hearings, defensive investigations, council meetings, conventions, conferences, university lectures, company meetings, board meetings, conference calls and any other event.

Every service can be provided with or without audio amplification.

  • Digital Minirecorder: the simplest and cheapest option, generally adopted for defensive investigations, corporate investigations and restricted meetings, with the use of 5 non powered microphones.
  • Laptop computer with controller and mixer: the appropriate formula both for small events and larger conferences; the system provides power to each microphone base and allows function control.
  • ADCS All Digital Conference System: a completely digital system, with major visual impact, it represent the most sophisticated formula, with its wireless microphones that assure a greater convenience and effectiveness, without the encumbrance of cables.
  • Digital camera: A digital videorecording system with fixed shooting.



The duplication service allows data dump and conversion from analog/digital sources to any support available for sale. The data devices given to Athena are kept in a safe until the end of the assignment, in confirmation of the fact that confidentiality is one the essential principles of Athena.



The indexing of paper, multimedia and electronic documents is carried out digitally, and it aims at optimizing the hypertext search function of text files, audio-video files, images or documents to be computerized according to a predetermined project. The advantages of a digital archive include faster research, minimal space taken and the utmost security for your sensitive information.
Athena risponde alle esigenze dei propri clienti personalizzando i progetti a seconda delle loro necessità.



The computerization service permits the storing of documents and records in a digital format. Athena provides specific services in order to computerize and store any record or document on an optical storage medium, even those which needed to remain in the paper-based archives for many years, keeping the same validity of the printed format. The advantages of a digital archive include faster research, minimal space taken and the utmost security for your sensitive information.


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